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هرکه طا لب حق بود من حاضرم     ز ابتدا تا انتها يک د م برم    طا لب بيا طا لب بيا طا لب بيا    تار سانم روز اول با خدا

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abyat e bahoo برہانالواسلین  شہبازلا مکاں  سلطان العارفین  سلطان الفقر مرشد حق   سخی سلطان   شہنشاہ   مرشد نورالہدی   حق با ہو   قدس سرہ العزیز
abyat e bahu شہنشاہ دوجہان  محبوب رب العالمین  احمد مجتبی  نوراللہ  محمد مصطفی  صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم  کے نام     سروری قادری سلسلہ محبوب سبحانی حضور غوث اعظم حضرت شیخ سید عبدالقادر جیلانی قدس سرہ العزیز کا اصل سلسلہ طریقت ہے
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Hazrat Sultan Bahu Life


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Hence, according to that Call from the Invisible, Hazrat Norang, took that Share and did Iftaar and tied that serviette and pot back to the horns of that deer and sent it back. Thus, in the same way, that Sustenance from the Unseen continued to deliver to Hazrat Sultan Norang daily in the whole month of Ramadan at the time of Iftaar and Hazrat Sultan ul Arifeen Hazrat Sultan ul Faqar Hazrat Sultan Bahu May Allah Sanctify his Secret remained Drowned into the condition of Istaghraaq of the Didaar of Almighty Haq and the Mushahida inside that cave for the whole month. Hazrat Sultan Norang has portrayed this condition in one of his couplets like this:


Quiet an astonishing spectacle concerning Shaikh Bahu I saw,

The Share (of Sustenance) of the Aashiq on the horns of a deer!


In short, Hazrat Sultan ul Arifeen Hazrat Sultan ul Faqar Hazrat Sultan Bahu May Allah Sanctify his Secret remained in the state of Istaghraaq for the entire month of Ramadan. When moon was sighted on the night before Eid and the drums were being beaten in the surrounding inhabitations and villages to celebrate the happiniess, his highness raised his head and opened his eyes after Muraqiba. He asked Sultan Norang that why that noise was. Sultan Norang replied that 'O highness! Moon of Eid has been sighted and people are celebrating the occasion of joy by beating drums'. His higness asked Sultan Norang that 'O Norang! Has the whole month of Ramadan passed?' Sultan Norang respectfully replied 'O highness! Ramadan has finished'. His highness said that 'what about our Assalaat (Prayers), Taraweeh and Fasts?'




Sultan Norang replied humbly that 'O highness! You know the conditions well'. It is said that in spite of this much Istaghraaq Ma'Allah, Hazrat Sultan ul Arifeen Hazrat Sultan ul Faqar Hazrat Sultan Bahu May Allah Sanctify his Secret offered all the Assalaat (Prayers) and kept all the Fasts missed during that phase. In spite of so much Istaghraaq and Preoccupation, his highness had been so steadfast and firm in following the Sunnat and the Way of the Holy Prophet Sall-Allahu Alaihi Wa Aalihee Wassallam and the Shariyat of Mustafa Sall-Allahu Alaihi Wa Aalihee Wassallam that in his entire life, even one Mustahib was not left unoffered by his highness! O Imperfect Seeker in Daydreams! This is the Condition of the Real Perfect Arif!



How can the false claimants of this age, who go against Shariyat and are irreligious, be the Perfect Arifeen who use narcotics with their heads and faced shaved and never offer Assalaat (Prayers) and never observe Fasts and are known as the Arifeen e Kaamil Mujeeb ud Dawaat Mastwaar Majzoob and Qalander. A crowd of Jaahil men and women surrounds then all the time. People submit their needs to them and they comment in a rough and absurd ways after turning their neck and moving their eyes in an abnormal way and the Jaahil and Stupid people who believe in them, interpret their irrelevant comments and meaningless words and match them with that which they wanted to know.


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