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هرکه طا لب حق بود من حاضرم     ز ابتدا تا انتها يک د م برم    طا لب بيا طا لب بيا طا لب بيا    تار سانم روز اول با خدا

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abyat e bahoo برہانالواسلین  شہبازلا مکاں  سلطان العارفین  سلطان الفقر مرشد حق   سخی سلطان   شہنشاہ   مرشد نورالہدی   حق با ہو   قدس سرہ العزیز
abyat e bahu شہنشاہ دوجہان  محبوب رب العالمین  احمد مجتبی  نوراللہ  محمد مصطفی  صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم  کے نام     سروری قادری سلسلہ محبوب سبحانی حضور غوث اعظم حضرت شیخ سید عبدالقادر جیلانی قدس سرہ العزیز کا اصل سلسلہ طریقت ہے
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Hazrat Sultan Bahu Life


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When we exercised the Tark of Dunya (World), we got the Special Faqar then and only then the Course of the extraordinary Faqar opened for us, when we humiliated our Nafs on every next door as a beggar. We drunk the whole river of Marifat and Wahdat but our thirst was not quenched. O Bahu Rahmatullah Alaihi ! Faqar is weeping day and night in Ishq and with the tears of Ache and Muhabbat. People think it is like an easy sport and game.



At last, this True Demand and Search of this Zaati Noor, took him to the all-embracing essence of the entire Anwaar of Asmaa and Sifaat the Chieftain of the Saalikeen, the overlord of the worlds and the Sayyed of Jinn and Mankind, the Khatam ul Anbiya, the Ahmed e Mujtaba, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Sall-Allahu Alaihi Wa Aalihee Wassallam and he won a huge and ample share of this Ocean of the Anwaar of the Essence and after becoming the Absolute Noor, he was appointed on that highest Station, above which lasted no Station higher than that and here, no Saint and Wali stood equal and parallel to him. Thus, his highness says:


None else can reach that Station where I have reached [in the Qurb of the Lord],

I am the goshawk of the Lamakaan where a [mean] housefly cannot pass [that is, there those who are like a housefly have no ability to fly],

Where Tablet and Pen (Loh-O-Qalam) and the Arsh (Throne) and Kursi (Footstool), Both-the-Worlds and the angels too cannot reach,

There the addicted of the ravenousness can never reach [that is, there the perception and thought of the man cannot even reach].




The overlord of the worlds and the Sayyed of Jinn and Mankind, the Khatam ul Anbiya, the Ahmed e Mujtaba, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Sall-Allahu Alaihi Wa Aalihee Wassallam himself Initiated his highness on his blessed hand in the Inward and Hazrat Fatimah Tu Zahra Radhi-ya-Allahu Taala Anha and Hazrat Ali Al Murtaza Karam Allah Wajhu as he says:


Hazrat Muhammad Sall-Allahu Alaihi Wa Aalihee Wassallam has himself "Initiated (Bai'at)" me on his blessed hand,

And Hazrat Mujtaba Sall-Allahu Alaihi Wa Aalihee Wassallam [the progenitor of Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Husain Alaihimas-Salaam] has declared me his son,

Permission was granted by Hazrat Muhammad Sall-Allahu Alaihi Wa Aalihee Wassallam to [Faqeer] Bahu [Rahmatullah Alaihi ],

To deliver Talqeen to mankind just for the sake of God,

I am, but, the dust of the feet of Hazrat Hassan Alaihis-Salaam and Hazrat Husain Alaihis-Salaam,

[Therefore] Marifat has become my assemblage [that is, the Marifat and Faqar have come to end on me].


At another place, his highness Rahmatullah Alaihi says:


Hazrat Fatimah Tu Zahra herself honored me with the title of 'her son',

The Marifat and Faqar have ended on me.


His highness narrates the incident of his first appearance in the Hazoor of the overlord of the worlds and the Sayyed of Jinn and Mankind, the Khatam ul Anbiya, the Ahmed e Mujtaba, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Sall-Allahu Alaihi Wa Aalihee Wassallam in this way that 'once in my childhood, a handsome Noorani person with dashing personality came riding on a horse before me and held my hand and seated me behind him on the horse. He caused the horse to fly when he gave it a stroke of his heel. I asked that rider that who he was and where he was taking me. He told me that he was (Hazrat) Ali Karam Allah Wajhu and I am going to take you in the Majlis of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Sall-Allahu Alaihi Wa Aalihee Wassallam as his highness has remembered you.


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