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هرکه طا لب حق بود من حاضرم     ز ابتدا تا انتها يک د م برم    طا لب بيا طا لب بيا طا لب بيا    تار سانم روز اول با خدا

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abyat e bahoo برہانالواسلین  شہبازلا مکاں  سلطان العارفین  سلطان الفقر مرشد حق   سخی سلطان   شہنشاہ   مرشد نورالہدی   حق با ہو   قدس سرہ العزیز
abyat e bahu شہنشاہ دوجہان  محبوب رب العالمین  احمد مجتبی  نوراللہ  محمد مصطفی  صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم  کے نام     سروری قادری سلسلہ محبوب سبحانی حضور غوث اعظم حضرت شیخ سید عبدالقادر جیلانی قدس سرہ العزیز کا اصل سلسلہ طریقت ہے
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Irfan (Volume 1) IRFAAN 1


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Blessed and august are those persons by the blessed presence of whom rains shower from sky, earth gains life to yield, blights and disasters of multiple nature are escaped, with a slight gesture of their eyebrows many big ventures meet success, thrones of kings are toppled with a slight movement of their Inwardly hands, half a Gaze of their Condescension (with complaisance) converts a poor beggar into a king the owner of domain and crown. These personalities, though, look unimportant in world, but are the crownless kings of the Abode of Perpetuity. The greater a person is in the world, the lesser is his work. Kings do work through gestures. They do not type piles of records like common personnel. These people, though, seem to be poor and needy but are the real sovereigns of the earth in the Inward .


Using brick as pillow and abnegating everything of the seven heavens,

(And world like) the power of getting everything and the status of rule.


Alas! Spiritual Uloom and Inwardly skills have vanished from world and the Doctors of Spirits and the Internists of Hearts have left the world. Situation appears like 'Islam has been confined to books and Muslims are buried in graves'. Doors of religious teaching and spiritual Talqeen have shut. What schools and colleges are of these days? These are, as if, butcher houses and slaughter centers for the human nature and religious conscience where many innocent flocks of human hearts are immolated in the feet of the Black Devi of Kufr and Atheism and many chaste spirits are sacrificed on the threshold of the Idol of Materialism (and freethinking) and Irreligiousness. Apparently, kids are seen getting education but in reality, they are virtually being slaughtered.


As Allah Almighty says: Slay not your children, fearing a fall to poverty, We shall provide for them and for you. Lo! the slaying of them is great sin (17:31)




It should be kept in mind that the meanings of this verse are that many people impart only the worldly education and do not give religious education to their kids that they do not find any hope and way for the achievement of worldly wealth through the Faith and Religion and through their admission in school or college, it is hoped that son will get appointment on some influential post and will earn good money. Here that old meaning of this verse does not fit at all that the Arabs of olden times used to bury their daughters alive or used to kill them as they used to do this practice just as shame lest someone should become their son in law. They did not practice this in wake of poverty and hunger. This has been mentioned in another verse like this:


And when the girl child that was buried alive is asked, For what sin she was slain (81:8-9)


So, many people are there who, in wake of the fear of hunger and poverty, virtually kill their innocent kids by their own hands by admitting in schools and colleges and waste squander their inborn religious capacity. Late Akbar has said well about this:


Pharaoh could have avoided the notoriety of physically killing the kids,

If he had got the idea of running a college (like these days) instead.


Colleges are secret places of Kufr and paganism where impurity is being mixed in the Pure (holy) carat gold of conscience and nature and the stamping of Kufr and Heresy and Materialism (and freethinking) is being made on the human heart of simpletons and the exchangeable coins matching with the customs and practices of the West are being prepared in the fees according to the faculty and in this way, many Yusuf are being traded in lieu of these illegitimate fees. That is the reason that the religious mentality of people has become extinct. If there is seldom seen some witness of the presence of religious thinking in some places of world, it has also been disfigured badly by the Western Education and European Culture. Most of heart have died in respect of the religion and spirituality. No religious sense has lasted in these.


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Rasala Rohi Sheriff. (rrs)    رساله روحي شريف      Kashf ul Asrar (ka)    کشف الاسرار    Noor ul Huda Qalan (nhq)     نورالهدي  کلان    Mahabbat ul Asrar (ma)     محبت الاسرار    Taig Brahna (tb)     تيغ برهنه      Didar Buksh Khurd (dbk)     د يدار بخش خورد      Majalsatul Nabi (p) (mn)     مجالسة النبي صل و سلم       Orung Shahi (os)     اورنگ شآهي         Ganjul Asrar (ga)    گنج الاسرار    NoorulHuda Khurd (nhk)    نورالهدي خورد    Qalide Tohid (kt)     کليد التوحيد      Muhakumul Faqar (mhf)     محکم الفقر    Dedar Baksh Qalan (dbq)    ديدار بخش کلان    Anul Arfien (aa)    عين العارفين    Dewane Bahu � (dwb)    ديوان باهو    Muftahul Arfien (mfa)    مفتاح العارفين    Tofiqe Hadiat (th)    توفيق الهدايت    Qalide Janat (kj)    کليد جنت    Qurbay Dedar (qd)    قرب ديدار    Fazalul Laqa (fl)    فض اللقا    Asrarul Qadri (aq)    اسرار القا د ري    Mhikal Faqar Khurd (mkk)    محک الفقر خورد    Jamiaul Asrar (ja)    جا مع الاسرار    Amerul konan (amk)    امير الکو نين    Aqal Badar (ab)    عقل بيدار    Anul Faqar (anf)    عين الفقر    Mhikal Faqar Qalan (mkq)    محک الفقر کلان    Way to get Spiritual Power (fht)    فيض حاصل کرنے کا طريقه    Tasavver Asmi Allah Zat (taz)    تصور اسم الله ذات کا طريقه    Hazrat Sultan Bahu (r) Life (sht)    سلطان باهو � کے سوانح حيا ت    Malfuzat Hazrat Sultan Bahu (r) (ml)    � ملفو ظات حضرت سلطان باهو    HaqBahu � Punjabi Poetry (akb)    � پنجا بي کلام ابيا ت با هو    Makhzanul Asrar (SultanulOrad) (mkha)    (مخزن الاسرار (سلطا ن الاوراد    Translate Books and Get Spiritual Power

Irfan (Volume - 1) / IRFAAN-1, Irfan (Volume - 1) / IRFAAN-1 book, hazrat sultan bahu books, sultan bahu book
Irfan (Volume - 1) / IRFAAN-1,


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