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هرکه طا لب حق بود من حاضرم     ز ابتدا تا انتها يک د م برم    طا لب بيا طا لب بيا طا لب بيا    تار سانم روز اول با خدا

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abyat e bahoo برہانالواسلین  شہبازلا مکاں  سلطان العارفین  سلطان الفقر مرشد حق   سخی سلطان   شہنشاہ   مرشد نورالہدی   حق با ہو   قدس سرہ العزیز
abyat e bahu شہنشاہ دوجہان  محبوب رب العالمین  احمد مجتبی  نوراللہ  محمد مصطفی  صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم  کے نام     سروری قادری سلسلہ محبوب سبحانی حضور غوث اعظم حضرت شیخ سید عبدالقادر جیلانی قدس سرہ العزیز کا اصل سلسلہ طریقت ہے
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Irfan (Volume - 2) / IRFAAN-2


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(Saying of the Holy Prophet of Allah Hazrat Muhammad Sal Allahu Alaihe Wa Aa-lehee Wa-sallam)

In the sacred Timizi, it has been mentioned that Hazrat Abdullah Ibn e Abbas Radhi-ya-Allahu Ta-aala Anhu reported that he heard the Holy Prophet saying 'Hajr e Aswad was descended from the Heaven. At that time, it was more white than milk. Sins of the children of Adam have made it black.


Similarly like the Hajr e Aswad, the Sauda Sweda of heart is that a nature that when the heart of the Arif has become Living and full of life through the Zikr of Allah, his Sauda Sweda becomes bright and able to see like the pupil of eye and when the Saalik becomes a celebrity in people, then due to so much respect and esteem and abundant kisses on hand and feet cause the sins of people absorb in it and turn the luminous and bright heart of the Arif Saalik black and dark. Hence, the Arif Saalik should try his utmost to avoid fame and Rujuaat e Khalq and should not wish for the unreasonable admiration and deference of the people.


It is said that once Hazrat Bayazid Bastami Rahmatu-Allahe Ta-aala Alaihe saw his tyke Nafs that all his body is weak, feeble and slim but its head is very big and healthy. He asked his Nafs 'O Nafs! Your whole body is weak and frail yet why your head is so huge?' Nafs said 'this thing is not to be disclosed'. He said 'you have to tell the reality'. Nafs said 'thing is that, you have made my body quite weak and poor in health through Mujahida, Riyazat and hunger and thirst. However, due to the excessive Rujuaat, reverence and honor and extol and praise, an ecstasy and intoxication reaches my head. Due to this thing, my head enlarges and becomes fat. This is the reason why the head is so much huge'. Hazrat Bayazid Bastami Rahmatu-Allahe Ta-aala Alaihe thought that he should do some treatment for such Inwardly Kufr and Self-conceit. Thus, it was the month of Ramadan. In wake of this Inwardly disorder of the heart, he did not keep a Fast but instead took a bread and went to bazaar along with his Mureedain and Seekers.




As he entered the bazaar and started eating that bread overtly and openly bit by bit in presence of people there and kept on moving. Seeing this unlawful act of Bayazid Rahmatu-Allahe Ta-aala Alaihe, people turned against him and his said act which was against Shariyat was discussed with displeasure all over the bazaar. After this incident, he saw his Nafs and found that its head had also become very small and weak. Nafs said to him 'I ruined myself by disclosing unto you the cause of my head's fatness'. Bayazid Rahmatu-Allahe Ta-aala Alaihe said 'O Nafs! Thanks God! Your Kufr has broken. It is easy for me to expiate for losing one Fast as per the religious law whereas breaking your Self-conceit down was very hard and difficult thing for me. Praise be to Allah! I found a way out. O Nafs! It better for me and you that you should remain weak and frail. Your welfare and betterment lies in your death and Fanaa. Unless the seed has destroyed itself inside soil, it cannot become green, high and living. Regrets are for those people who elevate their Self-conceit. Satan raised the emblem of ego and Anaa and fell straight and became an Outcast of the Sanctuary'.


What Pharaoh got through his claim to be god almighty,

The slave, when discarded his ego, united with God.

[Nazir Akbar Abadi]


We also elaborate the word 'Nafs' here as not only the common people but also the proper ones often make a mistake in understanding the reality of the Nafs. In Arabic language, Nafs means 'soul', 'body' and 'essence' as Allah Almighty says:


Allah bids you beware (only) of Himself (3:28)


That is, one should not try to employ his fancy to understand the Essence of Allah Almighty and he should also refrain from Chun-O-Chara. Some people become victim of Satan that he indulges them in such thoughts as Waswasa that 'how God came into being or who had created Him or what was there when there was no God'. Regarding such Waswaas, Allah Almighty says:


And he has coined for Us a similitude, and has forgotten the fact of his creation (36:78)


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Rasala Rohi Sheriff. (rrs)    رساله روحي شريف      Kashf ul Asrar (ka)    کشف الاسرار    Noor ul Huda Qalan (nhq)     نورالهدي  کلان    Mahabbat ul Asrar (ma)     محبت الاسرار    Taig Brahna (tb)     تيغ برهنه      Didar Buksh Khurd (dbk)     د يدار بخش خورد      Majalsatul Nabi (p) (mn)     مجالسة النبي صل و سلم       Orung Shahi (os)     اورنگ شآهي         Ganjul Asrar (ga)    گنج الاسرار    NoorulHuda Khurd (nhk)    نورالهدي خورد    Qalide Tohid (kt)     کليد التوحيد      Muhakumul Faqar (mhf)     محکم الفقر    Dedar Baksh Qalan (dbq)    ديدار بخش کلان    Anul Arfien (aa)    عين العارفين    Dewane Bahu (dwb)    ديوان باهو    Muftahul Arfien (mfa)    مفتاح العارفين    Tofiqe Hadiat (th)    توفيق الهدايت    Qalide Janat (kj)    کليد جنت    Qurbay Dedar (qd)    قرب ديدار    Fazalul Laqa (fl)    فض اللقا    Asrarul Qadri (aq)    اسرار القا د ري    Mhikal Faqar Khurd (mkk)    محک الفقر خورد    Jamiaul Asrar (ja)    جا مع الاسرار    Amerul konan (amk)    امير الکو نين    Aqal Badar (ab)    عقل بيدار    Anul Faqar (anf)    عين الفقر    Mhikal Faqar Qalan (mkq)    محک الفقر کلان    Way to get Spiritual Power (fht)    فيض حاصل کرنے کا طريقه    Tasavver Asmi Allah Zat (taz)    تصور اسم الله ذات کا طريقه    Hazrat Sultan Bahu (r) Life (sht)    سلطان باهو کے سوانح حيا ت    Malfuzat Hazrat Sultan Bahu (r) (ml)    ملفو ظات حضرت سلطان باهو    HaqBahu Punjabi Poetry (akb)    پنجا بي کلام ابيا ت با هو    Makhzanul Asrar (SultanulOrad) (mkha)    (مخزن الاسرار (سلطا ن الاوراد    Translate Books and Get Spiritual Power

Irfan (Volume - 2) / IRFAAN-2, Irfan (Volume - 2) / IRFAAN-2 book, hazrat sultan bahu books, sultan bahu book
Irfan (Volume - 2) / IRFAAN-2,
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